After Giving Birth – Part One

Chapter one :


Does the world look the same?!


To first answer this question is, No the world does not look the same, not my world at least.

But let’s take a step back, as I am taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, so I can take a closer look on what my world is.

 In my young adult life, creating a personality and changing my whole life into what I was until the day that my firstborn child took her first breath into this word.

 After deciding to start my beautiful path into a beautiful new version of me, my journey began for my search and living in a highest perspective.

Since I have started working with myself, I have changed a lot. I am still changing as I have discovered lots of version of ‘myself’. And each version creates a new, better one of me.

It has been an everyday discovering for me of what I thought I was and what I wanted to be.

Many experiences and many answers came to me. So many times, the information was the same but a deeper understanding was there.  

Every single day, every single moment as I was living and learning so many new information and as my understanding was getting deeper, every single time I knew in my deepest knowledge that this path (of the less traveled) was the only path I wanted to walk. I knew in my heard that I only wanted to be there and that it was the most beautiful fulfilling path I’ve ever experience.

Pure happiness, unconditional love.


A short summary of these feelings:

So, the day came that I knew I was pregnant.

After calling a beautiful light soul into our lives.

As I see it now, from the today’s perspective, I couldn’t be happier or luckier of my pregnancy.

Indeed, I was shining, as my body and mind can be flexible in life changes.

Always and without a day of skipping my practices and my soul growth.

I was there! 100% there! In every moment, in every movement in every inch that my baby was growing and glowing into my belly.

So much love! Our already big family, my fur babies, 14 in number, and my partner, we were all showing to as always, our great love, for each other out into the world. Her existence, was strong already.

I could feel the soul (soul has no gender) calling before I even conceived her, until 5 months of pregnancy I could feel her, and when she finally decided to stay into her new body at about 5-6 months of pregnancy.

Yes, I already loved her to the infinity. Love is easy and strong. Love was already there. I knew her even though I didn’t really know her character.

We both got prepared for the Labor Day, I prepared her, me and my body.

Easy as the labor was, my body knew exactly what it was doing, she knew what she was doing (of course she was beyond awesome).

Fairies were there, mine and her guardians were there. All in silence giving their presence.

As it should be. As I visioned it.

But still I cannot describe with any words, my human brain cannot fully conceive it.

Yes, as I close my eyes, to go back into those moments, time becomes slower, as it was, all gets intense, as they were. I remember me breathing in my body, moment by moment as my body was guiding me and her into delivering her.

And there she was, after my last deep breaths, after my last intense pushes, she came out of me. Out of my body. My body that was her house for 39 weeks. OMG! I don’t think that there are any words to describe it.

And just like that she was here. Into my arms, with the great, magical umbilical cord still connecting our bodies.

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