After Giving Birth – Part Two

After Giving Birth

Chapter 2: 

Before I continue unfolding my story of me and her,

I would like to open a parenthesis, about the giving birth part.

I, as many of us, if not all of us, have given birth, many times in my life.

Giving life to new ideas, creating new lives, making new friends, new family, giving birth to so many versions of self, during the years I have been here.

So many me(s), so many lives before me and all in one lifetime.

I don’t even recognize so many parts of me, even who I was yesterday, or a year before.

Do I love the little me? Yes, am I the same person? I Hardly think so.Yes, all parts of me, all phases of my life, have led me here, where I stand now, and shaped who I am now.  Is  love the same?

As we are going through so many phases in life, as we grow and develop as souls, as we experience so many ways of love, love for ourselves, love for family , for our partner, for our animals(who are also members of the family),for nature, getting in love with the smallest insect, or just a beautiful reflection of the light that gives you an instant inspiration, getting in love with books and knowledge, with our bodies, with the ocean, a good food, a silent moment, and the list is endlessness.

Yes, I have to say, that our heart, our pure heart without the ego and the ‘have to’, this amazing ecstatic love that gives pleasure, inspiration , a smile, a second of awareness, a fulfillment, ‘stopping the time’ love, healing, laughing, clearing the thoughts, empower love and so on.

Yes, I have to say that, this love is the exactly the same. 

Yes, the love I have for my daughter, the love I have for my fur babies, for my family, for my writing, for my inner self is   the same.

The same incredible, awesome ecstatic love that makes me feel grateful for each moment I breath. 



Is this an ever-ending journey,

We move around,

Days come and go And there is an ongoing change

Everything around us change

We change .

Nothing stays the same

And we keep moving around.We move day by day.

And suddenly we stop and realize,that we have changed.

We are not the same,The world around us is different.

Different than the last time we have stopped and noticed the world around, and the world inside.

But still, it’s been said that a lifetime is like a blink of an eye, so imagine us, as a soul, how much we change, going through lives, changing bodies, roles, families, thoughts, events, spaces, even planets.

We indeed are in a never-ending journey,

A beautiful journey of souls,

We learn we move we develop Finally, who are we?

What is the “I”Behind all those customs, What does it remain?

In all those movements?

In all those roles that we play,

What is the ‘I’ behind the experience Pure love In the infinity of everything.

My name, my real name Is love I am love The, ‘I am what I am’.










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